Environmental Policy

Sunlover are very committed to good environmental practice. We are aware that our actions now have a direct impact on future generations and so we continuously strive to ensure we are doing all we can to be environmentally sound.

Our Products

Our products are all handmade and wherever possible we use recycled materials, or materials from sustainable sources in the production of these products. In addition, we offer advice on production, reducing the environmental impact of some of the traditional techniques used.

The majority of our products are made using Albesia and Jempinis wood.  These are plantation grown in Bali, for the production of handicrafts.  The government provide free seedlings to growers to encourage the growing of these trees.  They are grown in back yards, small pockets of land, on the sides of hills and paddy fields, and bring in extra income for the grower.  The crops are constantly replanted when harvested to ensure continual supply. Both species grow fast, and can be ready for use in small carvings in around four years.  Many of our suppliers use wood grown on their own land.

Parasite wood carvings also make up a lot of our wood products. These are carved from wood from the Chinaberry tree. The Chinaberry tree, in particular, can play host to a parasitic plant, a little like mistletoe, that attaches itself to the bark of the tree, and takes nourishment from the tree sap. Whilst the parasitic plant is attached the Chinaberry tree growth is distorted around the point of attachment, producing so-called "wood roses". The presence of the parasitic plant can damage, and even kill, the host tree. The parasitic plants are removed, often saving the tree, and the resulting "wood roses" are removed and carved into a wide range of different forms, by the skilled artisans of Bali.

We encourage our suppliers to utilise and recycle local materials wherever possible. Our Coffee Root and Glass Bowl range in particular is a good example of this. The wood itself comes from off-cuts of the furniture trade that, in former times, used to be destroyed. The glass is made from recycled glass too, meaning that the whole beautiful product comes purely from waste materials.

​​​​​​​Packaging and Transportation

Wherever possible we try to ship as many of our orders using just recycled cardboard packaging. We recycle our own boxes on site to produce a shredded cardboard packaging material. We also recycle boxes from local business in this way too. The air-fill we use for our fragile items is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly too.

All of our products are delivered to us via sea freight in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We do not use air freight for any transportation at all.​​​​​​​