Fair Trade Policy

Fair Trade is behind everything we do and we are proud of how we source our products. We work with individual families to ensure they have a safe working environment as well as a fair wage. The relationships we build with our families are very important to us. 

Sunlover is a Fair Trade company.  We follow strict guidelines in the way we do business with our suppliers. These policies, central to our wider vision, are based on the 10 Fair Trade Principals as laid out by BAFTS.  Sunlover are proud to be members of BAFTS.

All prices are agreed directly with the producers and are reviewed on an ongoing basis, taking into account fluctuations in the cost of raw materials and local economic conditions. All producers are paid a minimum of 50% deposit when the order is placed. We also have a policy, especially for the smaller producers that we work with, that we will pay for items when they are ready for collection. This way we can establish a constant revenue stream for the families and co-operatives that we are involved with. With larger produces we will settle the remaining balance on completion of the order.

We have a permanent co-ordinator based in the region, and we only work with families with whom we have established a personal relationship. In this way we can fully monitor all aspects of production, and ensure that due care is given to all health and safety issues. We work directly with the families concerned, offering advice, and, where appropriate, financial support to improve their equipment and working environment.

When we commence working with any new workshop, we make a commitment to buy on a regular and continuing basis, and to work together with the producer to further develop their products to best suit the western market, at the same time continuing to respect the traditional skills and the views of the craftsman.

We are committed to good environmental practice. Wherever possible we use recycled materials, or materials from sustainable sources in the production of our products. In addition, we offer advice on production, reducing the environmental impact of some of the traditional techniques used.

Our relationship with all our producers is based on mutual respect rather than an employer/employee relationship, and we maintain a regular dialogue on all aspects of craft production and development. All work is carried out within strict limits on working hours, and we respect fully all the varied cultural ceremonies and religious holidays.

We travel to meet our producers regularly and ensure we visit each one personally.  Our regular orders, reliable payments and personal touch,  we feel, gives us a unique relationship with all of those with whom we work - trade with dignity.